Powell Garden wedding



Rev. Stephanie is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and as such is open to all religions, faith paths and spiritual beliefs.She specializes in unique, intimate weddings in the Kansas City area and will customize the ceremony to suit your style and desires. It is YOUR special day and Rev. Stephanie can help you celebrate it in your own unique way!

Contact her for a free initial consultation by phone at 816-885-8720 or by email at






Vicky and Ron 1 Vicky and Ron 2 Vicky Ron and Me Vicky and Ron HEA




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Melissa and John




Melissa and John Wedding pic 2

“Stephanie Pifer-Stone did the most fabulous, beautiful ceremony!!!!” ~ Melissa

Melissa and John Wedding pic 1

“You did such a heartfelt ceremony, I loved every bit of it. I hope I can recommend you for others! Thank you so much for making our day extremely meaningful.” ~ Melissa

Melissa and Jill

“The ceremony was beautiful, one of my favorite parts was the secret question you had asked them & shared! Thank you Stephanie! Namaste” ~ Jill (daughter of the groom)











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“Stephanie, thank you for a beautiful and perfect ceremony!!!” ~ Amanda (Photo by Lacey Whitmer Photography)



Donna and Stephen


Donna and Stephen (2)

” The Reverend Stephanie Pifer-Stone brought great warmth, cheer and love when she served as the officiant for my wedding. Throughout the process, she was kind and patient, flexible and professional. She provided a lovely assortment of vows, readings and statements from which we could choose, and presented us with a bound copy after the ceremony. Her positive, loving presence made the ceremony extra special and truly unforgettable.” ~ Donna






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Bukeka and Eugene




Bukeka and Eugene (2)

Bukeka and Eugene


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Melinda and Michaels Wedding

Melinda and Michael

Rev Steph with Michael (2)

Rev Stephanie with Michael