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For six seasons, I was the producer and co-host of The Prosperous Life radio show on Unity Online Radio. Dr. Chris Michaels and I addressed all aspects of abundant living. We began by defining the true nature of prosperity. Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, not just having more money and things. A prosperous life has to include joy and happiness, a healthy body and a personal relationship with your Higher Power, God, Spirit or whatever you choose to call It.

We interviewed many people who are living their best Prosperous Life and found there are as many definitions of “abundant” as there are people on this planet. What seems abundant to one, may not matter to another.

The main similarity we encountered was the concept that living prosperously isn’t just a monetary goal. It is a spiritual goal.

Although the show is no longer on the air, you can listen to the archived shows at

Steph with Dennis Merritt Jones)

Steph with Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones (aka My Hero)



With Dr. Andrea Beerman as guest co-host! What a delight to work with her!



Cherie Simmons in studio

Cherie Simmons

Victoria Moran and Steph

Victoria Moran is bestselling author of 11 books, including Creating a Charmed Life (in 30 languages around the world) and the plant-based weight loss classic, The Love-Powered Diet.

MoniqueSteph (2)

With Monique Danielle who was not only a guest but sang the theme song for the show.