About Rev. Stephanie

Rev. Stephanie Pifer-Stone was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through the American Interfaith Holistic Temple in 2013.  She facilitates a discussion group called Epiphany that explores and welcomes all aspects of spirituality in a safe, supportive environment.

She was co-host and producer for The Prosperous Life radio show and producer of Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris on Unity Online Radio (www.unity.fm).  She facilitated Prosperity Classes at The Center for Spiritual Living for several years.

Although she was raised with a traditional Christian background, Rev. Stephanie is fascinated with studying various world religions, and believes in respecting everyone’s spiritual beliefs.  She has studied Unity and Religious Science teachings, as well as Holistic Theology, Angel Medicine, Wicca and Pagan traditions, Shamanism, Psychic and Intuitive Studies, Christian and Catholic Theology.  She considers herself a spiritual seeker and strives to hear the Truth in all spiritual teachings.  She believes the path to world peace is through understanding and promoting cooperation between all world religions and spiritual traditions.

Rev. Stephanie has written articles for Unity Online Magazine, and is now creating a workshop based on her first book Becoming Egg-straordinary, a Journal to Help You Find Self-Love.  In addition to her husband and their “furry kids”, her passions include yoga, writing, cooking, and singing. Her goal is to help others find their way through the various life transitions with grace and ease.