Good Grief

Go ahead and cryFor the past few months I have been taking a class on Grief Recovery. At my age I have lost several key loved ones from my life and thus have had my fair share of grieving opportunities. I will say I have not always handled the losses very well. I thought this Grief Recovery class could be helpful for me in my personal life and also give me another “tool” in my counseling work. It was an amazing healing experience for me

In our culture, we are encouraged to suck it up and not show our grief in public. Even at funerals, people laugh and talk and if anyone cries, they are encouraged to “Be strong for others” or told “It will be okay” and with that they are expected to dry their eyes.

Because we are human and love people and pets in our lives, we are going to feel sad when they leave us. Crying and talking about it is a healthy, natural part of the grieving process. Unfortunately that sometimes makes other people uncomfortable. The best they know how to do is try to make you feel better when in reality what most of us really need is to just process our grief with someone who will listen.

Grief is like forgiveness. It is a process that is unique to each individual and each loss is different as well. You may have lost a parent and I have lost a parent but our ¬†grief experiences will be totally different from one another. Those people who say, “I know how you feel.” may think they do but they can’t possibly.

Be kind to someone you know who might be grieving a loss, whether it is due to death, divorce, job loss or something else. Often all they need is someone to listen while they process their feelings. It takes a strong person to sit with someone in sadness but you might find you have the strength you need to do so. The favor may be returned one day when you need someone to listen.

If you are dealing with your own grief issues, Crossroads Hospice in Kansas City/ Gladstone, MO. offers Grief Recovery classes for free.



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