Meditations From Behind the Bathroom Door

Toilet-MeditationThose of you that know my husband will understand that he is the funny one. I am his “straight man” or comedic foil most of the time. I am his George Burns which would make him my Gracie Allen. Maybe not a good choice for comparison but it does sort of suit us. According to TV, “Somebody has to set up the joke so the funny guy can deliver the¬†punchline. That’s the Straight Man. He rarely gets the funny lines, but has to have impeccable timing and delivery so that the comic (the other half of a comedy duo) can hit it out of the park.”

That being said, Rick and I fulfill those roles even if there is no one else around to laugh. I am sitting on the bed the other morning, and I hear from the other side of the bathroom door. “Oh look a¬†Rorschach test!”

“What? What are you doing in there?”

“Wiping my butt.”

“Oh my!” I started laughing out loud. How does he think of this stuff?

The next morning, same scenario and I hear (again from the other side of the bathroom door), “I wonder how blind people poop.”

“I would say the same way the rest of us do.”

“No, I mean how do they know when they are wiped clean if they can’t see the toilet tissue?”

A few minutes of silence, then he says, “I guess that’s what the dog is for.”

I am just shaking my head at this point, but I have to ask. “You mean the dog sees the toilet tissue and somehow signals the blind person that it is finally clean? Or does the dog somehow clean the blind person?” Man! That is way more than I want to think about that subject!

I love my husband but living with him is a great adventure. He has a way of seeing things just a little differently from the rest of us. He observes a lot and will burst out in a made up song or a line from The Big Bang Theory with no apparent rhyme or reason for it. Very often people look to me when he isn’t making sense to them, and I just say, “I don’t know what he’s talking about most of the time.”

He makes me laugh, shake my head and roll my eyes a bit, but he also enhances my life and helps me lighten up a lot.

His musings in the bathroom made me think that little room is a very good place for meditation. Who says you have to be in a certain pose or room or do a certain ritual to meditate? The bathroom gives you privacy and often you sit there for a while in the quiet (well in most people’s homes).

Meditation is a very personal thing to most of us. I know people who consider playing their music, doing dishes, hiking in nature as meditation. I think whatever stills your mind and feeds your soul can be meditation. Sure you can sit cross legged on the floor with your eyes closed, but why not go put your feet in the grass or your butt on the toilet. Who says you can’t meditate anywhere that suits you?



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