Bitchy vs Bossy

I love encountering new and unusual people. Yesterday I was shopping in our local grocery store and went to look at meat. I am not big into meat much anymore but we still indulge once in a while. There was some sausage on sale and a tall, slender older lady (maybe 80 something) was holding a package and contemplating it. She noticed me looking at the same things and said, “You know this stuff isn’t good for you! It will make you fat! And it makes some people sick too.”

I said, “Yes, I know.” put the meat down and went to finish my shopping. After finding the few things I came in for, I approached the check out area. There was a bin with Butterfinger Reeses Peanut Butter Cups at 3 for $1. I am briefly tempted and reach to see what they are made of.

Suddenly I hear this same voice saying, “You know those will make you fat!”  I look up to see my “friend” from the meat department.

I don’t know how she got to the other end of the store so quickly, but I thought “She’s right” and put the candy back.  Seems I had my own nutritional guardian angel following me.

As I was leaving the store I smiled and wondered when do we get to a point where we can be bossy to strangers and get away with it. Is it a privilege of age? Should we always say everything we think? As an Introvert I think we should think about what we want to say and maybe censor ourselves a bit. But what about honesty?

I was glad the lady didn’t say, “that will make you fatTER” but still it stung a bit. Now I may not have bought either item anyway. I don’t think she influenced me that way but her behavior made me think. Is it okay for an 80 year old woman to be bossy? What about a 20 or 30 year old woman? If she becomes a strong leader very often she is considered bossy.

Where is the line between “bossy” and “bitchy”?

Of course opinionated men are looked at differently than women with the same quality. When writing my book I found studies that showed that girls in a co-ed environment will tone down their intelligence and leadership qualities so as to not appear to be bossy or bitchy. What is that teaching our young women about their own worth? While researching this I came across this video.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts and feelings.


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