Focus on the Good

Have you ever had a perfectly nice day at work, but then right at the end of the day you have an unpleasant encounter with a co-worker, client or boss? Then you go home all upset and tell your significant other how awful your day was. Why is it we remember only the unpleasant or challenging experiences and the good ones don’t get so much attention?

More smiles less stress

 A few days ago, I dropped my husband off at a job site where he was contracted to teach a class. We got up in plenty of time and stopped for breakfast along the way. We laughed and talked and things seemed fine. As I went to drop him at the door, he got really fussy at me for the way I parked the truck. He got out and got his things and left without another word. I spent the whole morning being upset about that last little experience and pretty much let it ruin the rest of my morning.

At home, we have  been working on a vegetable garden this year. The weather up to now has been pretty dry but today promises rain. We had a few things left to plant and went to the nursery to secure some compost, top soil and those last few plants. We were laughing and enjoying the cloudy, breezy day. As my husband was loading our purchases in the back of the truck, I overheard a conversation he had with another man. The man was complaining about the rain coming on. My husband’s response was “Yes, isn’t it great?!!” The man replied, “Not if you are a golfer!” as he stomped off to let the weather affect his whole day in a bad way. My husband jumped in our truck and we came home and joyfully got our plants in the ground before the storm hit, happy that Mother Nature will water our garden for us today.

We all have choices at any moment of any day. We can let one bad experience cloud the memory of a day that possibly had several GOOD moments. Or we can shrug off the one unpleasant event and focus on the good. Which choice will you make? On a rainy day, will you be the gardener or the golfer?

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