Holy Family of Geese

Goose mother and chicksI go to yoga class at a Catholic church. I know it sounds odd, but it’s a beautiful place and the ladies in the class are fun and very nice. I was confirmed Catholic as an adult, but haven’t been a practicing Catholic for a while now. Still I enjoyed that transition in my life and have only good memories about that time.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am not very traditional. and I have since moved on to a lot of other things. But I still have a lot of love and respect for the Catholic church.

That’s probably more than you need to know, but it sets the tone for what I am about to share with you. This church backs up to a very nice pond that is home to several geese. They waddle and honk around all over the church grounds leaving their little trail of goose poop everywhere but otherwise seem pretty harmless. The other day, when I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed they were paired up more than normal and it felt like something wasn’t right. They were fussier and some were just sitting in the grass in pairs, almost like they were moping about something. I sort of disregarded my feelings about that until I got into class and one of the “church ladies” announced that the night before they took all the goose eggs away. One lady volunteered that they rubbed the eggs with corn oil to keep them from hatching.

Does anyone else find it odd that the Catholics who are so against abortion for humans are literally preventing the little baby geese from being born? I understand that the geese can be a nuisance, but it seemed to me a really sad event.

When I googled putting oil on goose eggs, I came to a page from the Humane Society that described the practice as “addling” the eggs. They say, “The humane way to limit flock growth and stabilize goose populations is to keep eggs from hatching.” It may be “humane” by human standards but it seems sad to me.

But as one of my more traditional friends has told me in the past, life isn’t a Disney movie. Animals and birds don’t have feelings like we do. Well, sorry folks, I am NOT buying that. I think every being has feelings and a sense of loss when their babies die.

Anyone out there feel the same?

As a P.S. I went to class this morning and heard that a few of the baby geese did hatch. I smiled to myself and said “Mother Nature wins”….and yes, if they lived in my back yard, I might feel differently about all this.




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One comment on “Holy Family of Geese
  1. Jody says:

    Beautifully written Stephanie. And I’m so happy that some of the eggs hatched anyway!

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